Land Use & Environmental Law

We represent landowners, developers, homebuilders, corporate and institutional users, investors, and individuals in navigating entitlement, zoning, permit processing, and related environmental reviews in federal, state and local venues.

We understand the complex, multi-layered legal regulatory framework and also the importance of a practical, transparent approach. We help clients achieve their land use goals and add value to their real estate assets.

We counsel our clients at all stages of the development process and advise with respect to:

  • Pre-acquisition due diligence on existing land use constraints and opportunities
  • Preparation and submission of permit, zoning, and map applications
  • Drafting and negotiating statutory development agreements and agreements with agencies and stakeholders defining rights and obligations with respect to provision of infrastructure
  • Preparation and processing of environmental permits, agreements, and approvals including CEQA/NEPA and relating to wetlands, coastal zones, and other protected areas
  • Presentations for staff, elected officials, community representatives planning groups and public hearings