Solomon Ward wins national technology award

Published: February 26, 2014
San Diego Daily Transcript

The award, given annually to a single firm of less than 100 lawyers, singled out Solomon Ward for reaching “every firm’s goal — the efficient, effective and economical use and management of e-discovery … at far less cost than is customary.”

“We are honored to be singled out as a national leader in the adaptation and integration of technology by our firm,” said Bill Kammer, a partner at Solomon Ward and head of the firm’s e-discovery and ESI (electronically stored information) services team. “We’re a small, local law firm with about 30 attorneys, but we’ve done some big things in implementing electronic discovery solutions for our clients.”

Solomon Ward has pioneered the use of technologies to sort through electronic information for relevance to a particular case, dramatically cutting the time and expense involved.

The firm’s technology includes AccessData’s Forensic ToolKit, Summation Pro, and its Mobile Phone Examiner Plus.

“With a platform that includes a predictive coding engine and filters, we can easily purge irrelevant data prior to human review,” Kammer said. “This allows us to respond quickly to discovery requests and to begin building our cases with fewer billable hours, putting our clients in a position to resolve cases in less time and with quality results.”

According to Solomon Ward officials, 76 percent of companies now have policies that allow employees to use their own mobile devices for work, resulting in an increasing need for e-discovery that extends to mobile devices.

Solomon Ward was one of the first firms in the nation to meet that growing need effectively by employing Mobile Phone Examiner Plus to allow the firm to possess internally the “ability to preserve and mine this rich evidence source,” Kammer said.