Electronic Discovery & ESI Services

Our firm has installed applications that allow us to preserve, process and review ESI of all types. Our team of trained and certificated personnel can accomplish those tasks in a legally defensible manner. Our inhouse abilities allow us to perform those tasks for clients at a cost markedly below the charges of electronic discovery vendors.

Our firm won the Law Technology News National Innovation Award for firms with fewer than 100 lawyers. The Award recognizes outstanding achievement in integrating technology into legal work to help us deliver better, faster, and cheaper services to our clients. We won because of the hardware and software we have installed and operate to deliver essential electronic discovery services to our clients. AccessData® published our firm as legal case study regarding use of our e-Discovery suite.

These are the applications we use most often:

Forensic ToolKit® (FTK®)

We use the full power of FTK®, a court-accepted digital investigations platform built for speed, stability, and ease of use to process forensically and analyze data up-front and then seamlessly view the processed data directly in Summation.


  • Integrated Technology Assisted Review (“TAR” or “Predictive Coding”)
  • Early case assessment/first pass review through final review and production
  • Visual analytics of case data to streamline culling and identify relevant relationships
  • Advanced search including concept and “4D”
  • Web based with multi user, multi-site support
  • Cull data by custodian, data source, document metadata and type
  • De-duplicate email and ESI across entire matter or by custodian with a mouse click
  • Enhanced email threading engine with cluster (similar document content) analysis
  • Enhanced date range filtering of files and email
  • Real time transcript review with additional reporting enhancements
  • Import of Concordance and Relativity load files

Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+®)

Mobile devices can hold a staggering amount of data at any one given time: email, call history logs, text messages, photos, voice mail, voice recordings, video files, calendar entries, task lists, notes, address book/contact list, Web browsing history, chat logs, GPS data and data stored in applications (including social media) – – can all be present on mobile phones and smart devices at any given time. Our in-house e-discovery capabilities include data extraction services from such devices by a certified Mobile Examiner.

We can extract all available data from virtually all cell phones and mobile devices, including iOS®, Android™ and Blackberry®, as well as devices with Chinese chipsets, for preservation, reporting, review, and analysis in order to comply with requests for eDiscovery.

X1 Social Discovery™

  • Our social media and web collection tool
  • The investigative solution designed for eDiscovery and computers forensics
  • Efficiently collects and authenticates social media content, websites, webmail, and YouTube video
  • Collects data from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In
  • Utilized to crawl, capture and instantly search content from websites, webmail and YouTube
  • Integrates with our other solutions FTK® and Summation to seamlessly allow searching over all evidence collected and preserved
  • Investigative tool also used to research opponents in an array of legal matters