Employment Law

The firm’s employment law department is committed to ensuring that our clients’ employees remain one of their greatest assets, rather than one of their constant liabilities. In doing so, we advise our clients about current and potential changes in the complex web of employment laws and regulations, and we defend a wide variety of claims that may arise from the employment relationship, in federal and state courts as well as administrative proceedings. Our firm also assists in preparing employment and related contracts, and assists individual employees with respect to their hiring, compensation, and separation from employment.

Our expertise in the employment context includes:

  • Wage and hour claims and compliance
  • Discrimination, retaliation, and related public policy claims and investigations
  • Sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment
  • Drafting of and litigation related to employment or related incentive compensation agreements
  • Trade secret and noncomeptition disputes and documentation
  • Policies and procedures compliance (i.e. Safety, Background Checks/Drug Testing, Employee Handbooks, Etc.)
  • Independant contractor vs. employee disputes and compliance
  • Class action avoidance and defense
  • Arbitration agreements and proceedings
  • Prosecution and defense of claims before state and federal labor boards and administrative tribunals

Regardless of their size or industry, clients frequently need flexible, practical approaches to manage their employment relationships and to resolve employment disputes. We therefore strive to provide not only accurate but also practical advice, allowing our clients to achieve a healthy and productive relationship between employer and employee.