Intellectual Property & Trademark

Intellectual property is a key asset of every business; a company’s unique brand hopes to convey the quality and reliability of its products and services to both existing and potential customers and users. The intellectual property landscape itself is ever-evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities across the entire business spectrum. Global is now local, and all businesses in every geographic location are now affected by the evolution of the IP landscape. We handle state and federal trademark and service mark selection, use, and registration, and intellectual property protection and licensing.

Our highly-regarded intellectual property lawyers skillfully apply their knowledge and business acumen to address today’s unique challenges, and help clients strategically create, manage and exploit their intellectual property assets. Our attorneys have developed a deep knowledge and understanding of domestic and international issues, and we efficiently assist our clients in protecting their valuable intellectual property.

Our team protects and defends clients’ intellectual property rights effectively and efficiently – avoiding litigation and seeking alternative resolutions. When litigation is necessary or appropriate, our attorneys bring the breadth of experience and resources that only a full service firm can provide:

Trademark Prosecution – Our core trademark legal services include domestic and foreign trademark counseling and clearance searches, prosecution of applications, and post-registration maintenance of registrations and recordation of assignments. We counsel our clients on the strategic worldwide trademark protection, increasing the value of their businesses.

Trademark Enforcement and Defense – We specialize in domestic and foreign trademark disputes, including the prosecution and defense of Opposition and Cancellation proceedings before the courts, the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and its foreign jurisdictional equivalents. Our objective is to resolve these disputes through settlement whenever appropriate, in a manner that most efficiently protects our clients’ trademark assets.

Copyrights – Our attorneys counsel clients to plan for maximum copyright protection by registration of copyrights in the United States and worldwide, and we represent clients in dispute and litigation matters involving the enforcement and defense of copyright issues. We specialize in Internet copyright issues, where infringement has increased substantially due to the ease with which third parties can copy and derive commercial benefit from the intellectual property created – and exclusively owned – by our clients.

Trade Secrets – Our attorneys have vast experience handling an array of trade secrets issues, including developing internal procedures and security measures for our clients; managing all aspects of trade secrets litigation; and the evaluation and transfer of trade secrets in mergers and acquisitions. We counsel our clients on how to prevent the theft of valuable trade secrets before their unauthorized disclosure, which often results in losing intellectual property that cannot be remedied.