Business Litigation

As trial lawyers we handle all types of litigation and dispute resolution for plaintiffs or defendants in state and federal courts or arbitration and mediation tribunals. Our expertise ranges from the prosecution of complex intellectual property and commercial cases for national and international corporations to local dispute representation for individuals and small businesses.

We use efficient methods to handle disputes from their inception, with the presumption that we are going to try the case. As a result, our clients retain the strongest negotiating positions. While we are prepared to litigate through trial and appeal, where appropriate we encourage the use of early settlement and alternative dispute resolution techniques that best represent our clients’ interests.

We harness the full expertise of our firm’s practice groups to affect litigation avoidance, risk management, and pre-litigation strategy. We use the leading litigation technologies to organize and manage our clients’ cases and to plan, control and participate in electronic discovery, which greatly reduces expenses so that the ability to litigate a fair resolution is not unduly impacted by costs.