Family Law Watch: The Use of Experts In Divorce

By The Family Law Watch Team

Using experts to assist individuals in resolving the issues in their divorce may be a beneficial practice. Experts can provide advice on specific issues tailored to each case. And by helping to resolve potential disputed facts, using experts may assist in the swift resolution of the case.

Here is a quick look at some popular experts to use in a divorce:

1. Psychological Experts An example of a psychological expert is a private child custody evaluator. A private child custody evaluator can recommend a permanent child custody and visitation plan based on his/her analysis of what is best for the child and may also recommend counseling services for individuals and families having a difficult time with the divorce process.

2. Vocational Experts A vocational expert is used to evaluate a spouse’s education, skills and area of expertise to determine job prospects and earning potential. This may be helpful when there is a dispute related to child and spousal support.

3. Financial Experts A financial expert may be called in to determine an individual’s income available for child support or spousal support where that person is self-employed.

4. Real Estate Experts A real estate expert can conduct an appraisal of real property to help determine if one spouse should buy out the other spouse’s interest in that property. A real estate expert can also determine fair rental value of a property.

5. Business Valuation Experts A business evaluation expert may be of assistance in valuing a business and, if needed, in determining what portion is separate property and what portion is community property. California is a community property state, so any business that operates during the marriage will have a community property component.

The retention of experts may be expensive but worthwhile if they can assist in the speedy resolution of a complex divorce.